Various uses of fittings in different industries

In today’s demanding industrial conditions, conduit fittings can have a significant impact on efficiency, safety, costs and reliability. Anamet Electrical Inc. provides a diverse range of conduit fittings designed to meet unique industrial demands. From food and pharmaceuticals to hazardous locations, each sector requires special solutions. Let’s explore conduit fittings for industry, highlighting how SEALTITE® fittings meet or exceed operational needs.

SEALTITE® conduit fittings have been developed to meet industrial needs. Time tested and proven by rigorous field use, these fittings also meet and exceed international safety requirements. Look for the cULus mark on the fittings you buy.

Food and Pharmaceutical

In food and pharmaceutical production, regulatory oversight (FDA, CFR and NSF) sets standards for safe conditions. Sustained hygiene and resistance to bacteria and corrosion are paramount.

  • Compact Food Grade SEALTITE® stainless steel fittings provide liquid tight, dust tight and food safe seals, ensuring wiring protection.
  • The smooth profile of fittings resists bacterial buildup.
  • Anti-bacterial seals protect against contamination in processing lines.
  • These fittings sustain sanitary conditions in clean rooms, processing and packaging areas by allowing easy washdown.

OEM Machine Building

OEM machine builders require easily assembled, precision fittings that are internationally approved for export and import so they pass inspection and commissioning operations.

  • SEALTITE® stainless steel and nickel-plated brass fittings offer durable protection in corrosive or harsh environments.
  • Insulated throats and smooth bores ensure ease in wire pulling and provide strain relief.
  • Fittings are available with US standard Trade size threads for domestic use or metric threads for European installation.

Outdoor Building & Construction

Resilience and ease of installation are crucial for construction sites.

  • SEALTITE® conduit and fittings can be assembled without special tools.
  • Ferrules in each fitting cover the edge of cut conduit to protect wiring from abrasion and sharp surfaces.
  • Fitting seals mate with conduit for a secure moisture and dust barrier.
  • Metal fittings tighten to UL and CSA torque requirements and can be loosened and tightened again without thread degradation.
  • SEALTITE® straight fittings are approved for Direct Burial and in concrete according to National Electrical Code (NEC) and UL requirements.
  • SEALTITE® fittings deliver reliable moisture and UV (sunlight) resistance.
  • Fittings are available with US standard Trade size threads for domestic use or metric threads for European installation.

Factory Automation

Adapting operations for automation often demands flexible transitions or highly flexible joints for robots.

  • SEALTITE® compact straight, 90-degree and 45-degree fittings secure wiring that must bend and flex. These fittings are proven to be strong connectors that resist conduit pullout from strain, motion and vibration.
  • Stainless steel fittings shield against temperature variations, ensuring durability in robotic arms and protecting sensor runs in complex control systems and control panels.
  • IP 66/67 rated conduit and fittings ensure resistance to intrusion and contamination.
  • When UL listed fittings and conduit are used together, a ground path of six feet or less is allowed by NEC standards, so a ground wire may not be required for motors or electrified equipment drawing less than 20 amps.
  • ANACONDA SEALTITE® Type ASUA anti-static conduit meets NEN-EN-IEC 600079-0 Section 26-13 anti-static surface resistivity requirement of less than 1 billion (thousand million) Ohms. When installed with cULus approved fittings, this conduit is suitable for dusty environments such as grain or particulate processing, grinding, and powder application.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings require power and communications wiring to be secured from intrusion and accidental exposure.

  • SEALTITE® fittings provide safety, durability and reliability for commercial, hospitality and office spaces.
  • Fittings secure conduit with a tight seal appropriate for exposed or concealed installations.
  • The liquid tight fittings ease installation, maintenance and allow wiring to be upgraded when space configurations change.
  • SEALTITE® fittings are internationally approved for installation in high traffic or human-centric spaces.
  • When installed with Halogen Free conduit, SEALTITE® stainless steel fittings provide Halogen Free protection for wiring from end to end, in case of fire.

Data Centers & Networks

ANACONDA SEALTITE® computer wiring Type CW conduit is approved for under raised floors with SEALTITE® fittings.

  • This conduit system secures data center and network wiring from intrusion and exposure.
  • Fittings protect data cables in server rooms, organize and secure cables in data cabinets, and maintain order and efficiency in cable trays.
  • Halogen Free options are available for concealed wiring that may be hard to reach and inspect.

Hazardous Locations/Environments

Safety and durability are essential in hazardous locations per National Electrical Code Class I requirements.

  • SEALTITE® UL listed conduit and fittings withstand extreme conditions, protecting against corrosion and chemical exposure in chemical plants, ensuring durability in oil and gas refineries, and providing protection in mining operations.
  • Halogen Free UL listed conduit and fittings prevent release of toxic fumes in a fire.

Power & Energy

Dependability and sustained performance are critical in the power and energy sectors.

  • Liquid-tight flexible conduit and conduit fittings sustain power service in high-stress environments such as on hydroelectric dams, solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Where power generation is exposed to harsh conditions, liquid tight conduit fittings protect wiring from dust, dirt, sand, sun, wind, ice and rain.

Train & Infrastructure

Train and infrastructure projects require Halogen Free, durable fittings and conduit.

  • Conduit fittings protect wiring for rail service, on transport, on bridges and in tunnels.
  • Mandated low smoke materials protect wiring, while delivering life safety.
  • Conduit fittings are proven to promote safety, resisting heat, cold and mechanical wear, ensuring electrical integrity in infrastructure and transport projects, whether exposed or concealed.

Meet Your Needs with Anamet Electrical Fittings

SEALTITE® fittings enable reliable connection of wiring where it must go. Anamet Electrical, Inc. offers versatile and reliable products that meet and exceed the demands of industry.

Where you must connect and protect wiring, ANACONDA SEALTITE® conduit and fittings work for you.

Get in touch with Anamet Electrical Inc. today to find an option that promotes safety and saves you time, attention and money.

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