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Anamet Electrical, Inc. supplies fittings for flexible electrical conduit worldwide.

With affiliates in Europe and Canada, we deliver UL approved, liquid tight fittings to safely and easily install conduit where it is needed. Our fittings connect electrical wiring conduit to another conduit or electrical devices. We offer a broad range of fitting designs and materials, complementing our flexible conduit by resisting corrosion with a liquid and dust tight seal.

Additional fire protection materials, our FireTech™ high-temperature accessories, are available in sleeve, wrap, tape, and blanket form. This fiberglass blanket silicone provides a heat barrier for conduit to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 475° F and 15 minutes of exposure to 2,000° F.


Common Types of Flexible Conduit Fittings

ANAMET Electrical, Inc. developed a variety of fittings serving the needs of customers. Some of the most common are:


  • 90-degree elbow: This fitting allows conduit to be connected at a right angle, avoiding bending stress on the wiring and conduit at the enclosure connection. Conduit can hang on the side of an enclosure, reducing space required for connection and routing of conduit. The internal bore of our 90-degree metal fittings is smooth, reducing resistance to wire pulled through a fitting.
  • 45-degree elbow: This fitting allows conduit to be connected at half of a right angle, where needed, to avoid bending stress on the wiring and conduit at the enclosure connection. The internal bore of our 45-degree fitting is smooth, reducing resistance to wire pulled through the fitting.
  • Straight fitting:  A variety of time-tested options are available to quickly and easily connect wiring and a conduit to an enclosure or rigid conduit. Material, insulated throat and seals vary to meet industry standards.


We offer the following conduit fitting options:

  • 304 stainless steel liquid tight fittings (NPT)
  • 316 stainless steel compact fittings (NPT)
  • Nickel-plated brass compact fittings (NPT)
  • Nickel-plated brass compact fittings (ISO)
  • Zinc-plated steel fittings (NPT)
  • Type-A CNP fittings (NPT)
  • Type-B NMUA fittings (NPT)
  • ATEX BXA AISI-316 fittings
  • Cord grips in 316 stainless steel or nickel-plated brass
  • Mesh strain relief on zinc-plated steel fittings
  • Ground lugs on zinc-plated steel fittings


Applications for Flexible Conduit Fittings

Flexible conduit fittings are suitable for use in the electrical equipment and systems of a wide range of industries. Typical industrial applications for them include:

  • Commercial buildings. Flexible conduit and fittings are used in commercial facilities where rigid conduit and fittings are not effective or efficient. Reliably liquid and dust tight SEALTITE® conduit and fittings are easier to install and maintain than rigid conduit. Smaller diameter, flexible conduit bends in a tighter radius than rigid conduit, allowing wiring runs to be shorter and less expensive. 
  • Hazardous areas/environments. Flexible conduit fittings are suitable for harsh operating and environmental conditions. For example, liquid tight conduit fittings protect wiring from moisture and dirt, while corrosion-resistant fittings protect wiring from corrosive exposure.
  • Direct Burial or in Concrete. Straight fittings are allowed to be used for connecting conduit in direct burial or in concrete. Refer to the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) for guidance in these applications.


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ANAMET Electrical, Inc. and its distributors can help you get conduit system solutions that connect and protect your wiring, cable and optical fiber. Our product options make sure you can find a component that meets your needs. We also offer a variety of value-added services, including cutting, deburring, burnishing, marking, braiding, color matching, and cover customization, to meet and exceed your needs. 

To learn more about our product offerings, check out our product catalog or contact us today. For specific product questions or pricing details, request a quote.

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