Services for Wiring Conduit Products

Wiring ConduitCutting length
Anamet has a cut length department with the experience and capabilities to meet all your design requirements. Whether you require small or large volumes or tight tolerances, we will meet your requests.

When flexible metal conduit is cut, sharp edges and burrs remain. Anamet has several deburring machines that remove the sharp edges which can impede assembly or installation.

This process improves the appearance of strip wound stainless steel from a dull scratched appearance to a bright shiny mirrored finish.

Customer specific marking on covered products
Anamet can print custom text and small company or product logos on to the exterior of liquid tight flexible products.

Passivation is the removal of iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel by means of a chemical dissolution that will remove the surface contamination but will not significantly affect the stainless steel itself.

A flexible, tubular, metal sheath consisting of interwoven strands of wire. The primary purposes are to improve torque resistance, improve shielding and to prevent the hose core from elongating due to internal pressure.

Color matching
Anamet currently stocks many standard colors and we have the ability to match any Pantone color. This is an excellent way to improve brand recognition, product designation or to designate wattages based on standard NEMA guidelines.

Special liquid tight covers
Anamet offers a large variety of PVC, TPR, TPU, FEP and Silicone liquid tight covers. No matter how complicated your specifications might be, Anamet will accommodate your requirements.