What are the electrical conduit health benefits for the AEC (Architect, Engineer, Construction) Community?

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If you work in the AEC (Architect, Engineer, Contract) community, chances are you’re familiar with electrical conduit and its role in construction safety and system installation. However, do you know what these cable protection methods can do to your health? Plastics and metals can be toxic, posing health risks for those constantly exposed to them. […]

What is a Conduit System?

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In a building being constructed, you may see a web of wiring and flexible electrical conduit. Electrical conduit provides electrical service and ensures people and the property are safe from accidental exposure to electricity. A conduit system is electrical conduit and fittings forming an armored shell, connecting and protecting wiring. The conduit and fittings are […]


Why Use Electrical Conduit?

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Click to Expand Why use conduit? Electrical shock is painful and can be injurious. Electrical conduit prevents contact with wiring and possible injury. What is electrical conduit? Electrical conduit is rigid or flexible tubing that protects electrical wiring. ANAMET Electrical, Inc. makes flexible electrical conduit conforming to “raceway of circular cross section made of helically […]

A Guide to Flexible Conduit Fitting Parts

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In order to effectively protect electrical wiring, both a flexible conduit and a liquid-tight seal are necessary. Flexible Conduit is a tube used to route and protect wires and cables. It is typically made of metal or plastic. A Liquid tight seal is a special type of fitting that is used to create a watertight […]

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Key Differences Between Metallic & Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit

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Flexible conduit is pipe or tubing used to protect and route electrical wiring in a structure. They can be various materials, including metal or plastic. There are two main types of conduit: metallic and non-metallic. Each has advantages and disadvantages to consider while choosing conduit for a particular application. Metal conduit is usually made of […]

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Conduit in Plenum Elements: What You Need To Know | Anamet Electrical, Inc.

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Plenums are environmental air handling spaces in buildings. No flammable material should be installed in those building spaces, due to lessons learned about preserving life and preventing injury from fire. A short document describing what conduit may be used in various areas is available as a reference from ANAMET Electrical, Inc.: Conduit Allowed in Plenum […]

When to Use Liquid-Tight Conduit

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An electrical conduit is a raceway that provides a protective pathway for electrical wires and cables to be run in any environment. There is a wide variety of electrical conduit to choose from and it’s important to choose the right one based on your application’s specifications and requirements. While manufacturers often suggest what kind of […]